Charles Dickens: A Brain on Fire

Dominic hosts the acclaimed podcast Charles Dickens: Brain on Fire, exploring the life and times of Charles Dickens – his extraordinary novels, who he was as a person, his career as a performer, and his activism. Each episode includes special guests: academics, writers, actors, directors and descendants of the great man himself! 🔥

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Podcast highlights:

Bleak House: with Stephen Fry

Dominic is joined by the inimitable Stephen Fry who takes the listener on an intricate journey through the fog and mystery of Dickens’ thrilling masterpiece: Bleak House.

Great Expectations: with John Mullan

Dominic is joined by the celebrated writer, broadcaster, journalist and literary critic: Professor John Mullan. They have a lively discussion on Great Expectations with a particular emphasis on some of the ‘forgotten’ characters – such as Biddy.

Reading A Christmas Carol: with Rosie Holt

It’s Christmas Eve… and Dominic’s special guest is the brilliant actress, comedian and satirist, Rosie Holt. This week, they have both re-read A Christmas Carol and are set to talk through what they found in each of the Staves.

Dickens’ Women: with Miriam Margolyes

In this episode Dominic is joined by the inimitable Miriam Margolyes. With a career spanning six decades, this celebrated actress has been a life-long fan of Dickens throughout. Now in her 80th year she has recently published her autobiography This Much is True…  a candid, unflinching, and hugely entertaining story of her life and career.

Dickens and Christmas: with Lucinda Hawksley

In this first episode, Dominic is joined by Dickens’ Great-Great-Great Granddaughter, the Writer and Broadcaster, Lucinda Hawksley. On a cold December morning they talk through Lucinda’s book Dickens and Christmas, which follows the story of Dickens’ earliest Christmas as an infant, through to the five great festive novellas he wrote during the 1840s.